103 Sake yeast induces the sleep-promoting effects under the stress-induced acute insomnia in mice.

102 Reconstitution of an intact clock reveals mechanisms of circadian timekeeping.

101 Dim light in the evening causes coordinated realignment of circadian rhythms, sleep, and short-term memory.

100 Neuro-mesenchymal units control ILC2 and obesity via a brain–adipose circuit.

99 Chronic social isolation signals starvation and reduces sleep in Drosophila.

98 Clock proteins and training modify exercise capacity in a daytime-dependent manner.

97 Genetic insights into biological mechanisms governing human ovarian ageing.

96 Daily energy expenditure through the human life course.

95 Sleep loss drives acetylcholine- and somatostatin interneuron–mediated gating of hippocampal activity to inhibit memory consolidation.

94 Microbiota from young mice counteracts selective age-associated behavioral deficits.

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