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123 Increased hyaluronan by naked mole-rat Has2 improves healthspan in mice.

122 Farnesol prevents aging-related muscle weakness in mice through enhanced farnesylation of Parkin-interacting substrate.

121 Synchronization of the circadian clock to the environment tracked in real time.

120 Time of day determines postexercise metabolism in mouse adipose tissue.

119 Loss of epigenetic information as a cause of mammalian aging.

118 Variation in life span is the consequence of sex- and age-dependent genetic effects and early access to nutrients.

117 Evolutionary loss of complexity in human vocal anatomy as an adaptation for speech.

116 Cellular recovery after prolonged warm ischaemia of the whole body.

115 New intranasal and injectable gene therapy for healthy life extension.

114 Diverse aging rates in ectothermic tetrapods provide insights for the evolution of aging and longevity.

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