285  A microfluidic platform for high-throughput quantitative biochemistry reveals enzyme architectures that shape function.

284  In vivo CRISPR base editing of PCSK9 durably lowers cholesterol in primates.

283  Discovery, characterization and engineering of ligases for amide synthesis.

282  High CO2 levels drive the TCA cycle backwards towards autotrophy.

281  Melanocortin 3 receptor-expressing neurons in the ventromedial hypothalamus promote glucose disposal.

280  X-ray crystal structures reveal how anticoagulants inhibit a vitamin K regenerating enzyme.

279  Prebiotic synthesis of cysteine peptides that catalyze peptide ligation in neutral water.

278  Serine restriction alters sphingolipid diversity to constrain tumour growth.

277  Microbiota-modulated CART+ enteric neurons autonomously regulate blood glucose.

276  Mammalian lipid droplets are innate immune hubs integrating cell metabolism and host defense.

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