128  Copy number variation of TdDof controls solid-stemmed architecture in wheat.

127  Crop rotation mitigates impacts of corn rootworm resistance to transgenic Bt corn.

126  Qualitative crop condition survey reveals spatiotemporal production patterns and allows early yield prediction.

125  Multi-omics analysis on an agroecosystem reveals the significant role of organic nitrogen to increase agricultural crop yield.

124  Rainfall anomalies are a significant driver of cropland expansion.

123  Enhanced sustainable green revolution yield via nitrogen-responsive chromatin modulation in rice.

122  Global distribution of earthworm diversity.

121  Overcoming insecticide resistance through computational inhibitor design.

120  Piriformospora indica alters Na+/K+ homeostasis, antioxidant enzymes and LeNHX1 expression of greenhouse tomato grown under salt stress.

119  The role of irrigation in changing wheat yields and heat sensitivity in India.

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