Plant Science


727  Calcium signaling across the cell membrane links pathogen infection to programmed cell death in plants.

726  Shifts in floral regulatory networks determine the emergence of fractal patterns in growing cauliflowers.

725  Lipid exchanges drove the evolution of mutualism during plant terrestrialization.

724  The genomes of ancient date palms germinated from 2,000 y old seeds.

723  A biosensor for the direct visualization of auxin.

722  In Arabidopsis, two distinct types of immunity—that mediated by cell-surface receptors and that mediated by intracellular receptors—interact with and mutually enhance each other to provide effective defence against pathogens.

721  DNA hypomethylation in tetraploid rice potentiates stress-responsive gene expression for salt tolerance.

720  Whitefly hijacks a plant detoxification gene that neutralizes plant toxins.

719  The plant hormone cytokinin triggers a self-amplifying loop that drives cell proliferation and meristem growth.

718  The TOR–EIN2 axis mediates nuclear signalling to modulate plant growth.

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