444  Paths and timings of the peopling of Polynesia inferred from genomic networks.

443  The genomic history of the Middle East.

442  The Welwitschia genome reveals a unique biology underpinning extreme longevity in deserts.

441  In utero adenine base editing corrects multi-organ pathology in a lethal lysosomal storage disease.

440  Prednisolone rescues Duchenne muscular dystrophy phenotypes in human pluripotent stem cell–derived skeletal muscle in vitro.

439  Mapping enhancer regulation across human cell types and tissues illuminates genome function and provides a resource to connect risk variants for common diseases to their molecular and cellular functions.

438  Towards complete and error-free genome assemblies of all vertebrate species.

437  Platypus and echidna genomes reveal mammalian biology and evolution.

436  Heritable variation in telomere length predicts mortality in Soay sheep.

435  Systematic screening identifies therapeutic antisense oligonucleotides for Hutchinson–Gilford progeria syndrome.

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