453  Genes and evolutionary fates of the amanitin biosynthesis pathway in poisonous mushrooms.

452  Mutations in MINAR2 encoding membrane integral NOTCH2-associated receptor 2 cause deafness in humans and mice.

451  TLR7 gain-of-function genetic variation causes human lupus.

450  Genetics, leadership position, and well-being: An investigation with a large-scale GWAS.

449  A unified genealogy of modern and ancient genomes.

448  Genetic studies of human–chimpanzee divergence using stem cell fusions.

447  CRISPR-Cas9 effectors facilitate generation of single-sex litters and sex-specific phenotypes.

446  Gene therapy for hemophilia.

445  Microchromosomes are building blocks of bird, reptile, and mammal chromosomes.

444  Paths and timings of the peopling of Polynesia inferred from genomic networks.

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