293 Programmable artificial phototactic microswimmer.

292 Ultrathin high-resolution flexographic printing using nanoporous stamps.

291 Water remains frozen at boiling point in carbon nanotubes.

290 Functional droplets that recognize, collect, and transport debris on surfaces.

289 How curvature-generating proteins build scaffolds on membrane nanotubes.

288 Ultra-fast self-assembly and stabilization of reactive nanoparticles in reduced graphene oxide films.

287 Single-layer MoS2 nanopores as nanopower generators.

286 Electron attraction mediated by Coulomb repulsion.

285 Self-assembly of graphene ribbons by spontaneous self-tearing and peeling from a substrate.

284 Active micromachines: Microfluidics powered by mesoscale turbulence.

283 Synthesis of Graphene Nanoribbons via the Topochemical Polymerization and Subsequent Aromatization of a Diacetylene Precursor.

282 Sulfur Doping Induces Strong Ferromagnetic Ordering in Graphene: Effect of Concentration and Substitution Mechanism.

281 Metal-induced rapid transformation of diamond into single and multilayer graphene on wafer scale.

280 Particle Motion Analysis Reveals Nanoscale Bond Characteristics and Enhances Dynamic Range for Biosensing.

279 Non-Boolean computing with nanomagnets for computer vision applications.

278 Nanometre-thick single-crystalline nanosheets grown at the water–air interface.

277 Ultra-narrow metallic armchair graphene nanoribbons.

276 Single nucleotides can be identified with atomically thin MoS2 nanopores by regulating molecular translocation speeds using a viscosity gradient system based on room-temperature ionic liquids.

275 Isolated sub-2 nm nanopores in graphene exhibit diverse transport behaviours that are reminiscent of biological ion channels and arise from electrostatic and hydration interactions between ions and the pores.

274 A metal–insulator–metal architecture in which one metal is replaced by vertically aligned carbon nanotube antennae is used to convert light into direct current.


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