Paper of the Year

April 2022 : Viable offspring derived from single unfertilized mammalian oocytes. Wei et al. (2022). PNAS 119 (12): e2115248119.

April 2022 : Super water-extracting gels for solar-powered volatile organic compounds management in the hydrological cycle. Zhang et al. (2022). Advanced Materials 34: e2110548.

March 2022 : Superconductivity emerges in a stable form of bilayer graphene upon the application of an in-plane magnetic field. Zhou et al. (2022). Science 375: 774-778.

March 2022 : Multiscale engineered artificial tooth enamel. Zhao et al. (2022). 375: 551-556.

March 2022 : Measuring biodiversity from DNA in the air. Clare et al. (2022). Current Biology 32: 693-700.

March 2022 : Mitochondria in cone photoreceptors act as microlenses to enhance photon delivery and confer directional sensitivity to light. Ball et al. (2022). Science Advances 8: Issue 9.

February 2022 : Acute multidrug delivery via a wearable bioreactor facilitates long-term limb regeneration and functional recovery in adult Xenopus laevis. Murugan et al. (2022). Sci Adv. 8(4):eabj2164.

February 2022 : Engineered virus-like particles for efficient in vivo delivery of therapeutic proteins. Banskota et al. (2022). Cell 185(2):250-265.e16.

February 2022 : Burning plasma achieved in inertial fusion. Zylstra et al. (2022). Nature 601:542-548.

January 2022 : Mitochondrial aspartate regulates TNF biogenesis and autoimmune tissue inflammation. Wu et al. (2021). Nature Immunology 22: 1551–1562.

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