Paper of the Year

September 2020 : Tillandsia‐inspired hygroscopic photothermal organogels for efficient atmospheric water harvesting. Ni et al. (2020). Ang. Chemie.

September 2020 : A multidimensional precision medicine approach identifies an autism subtype characterized by dyslipidemia. Luo et al. (2020). Nature Medicine 26:1375–1379.

September 2020 : A gene therapy for inherited blindness using dCas9-VPR–mediated transcriptional activation. Bohm et al. (2020). Science Advances 6: 34, eaba5614.

September 2020 : Transforming the spleen into a liver-like organ in vivo. Wang et al. (2020). Science Advances 6: no. 24, eaaz9974.

August 2020 : Nix alone is sufficient to convert female Aedes aegypti into fertile males and myo-sex is needed for male flight. Aryan et al. (2020). PNAS 117: 17702-17709.

August 2020 : A superconducting diode that has zero resistance in only one direction is realized in an artificially engineered superlattice without inversion symmetry, enabling directional charge transport without energy loss. Ando et al. (2020). Nature 584: 373

August 2020 : An 88-milligram insect-scale autonomous crawling robot driven by a catalytic artificial muscle. Yang et al. (2020). Science Robotics 5: eaba0015.

August 2020 : Antagonistic regulation of the gibberellic acid response during stem growth in rice. Nagai et al. (2020). 584:109–114.

July 2020 : CRISPR-CasΦ from huge phages is a hypercompact genome editor. Pausch et al. (2020). Science 369: 333-337.

July 2020 : Reversing a model of Parkinson’s disease with in situ converted nigral neurons. Qian et al. (2020). Nature 582: 550–556.

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