Paper of the Year

December 2019 : Proof of concept for identifying cystic fibrosis from perspiration samples. Zhou et al. (2019). PNAS 116: 24408-24412.

December 2019 : A cortical-brainstem circuit predicts and governs compulsive alcohol drinking. Siciliano et al. (2019). Science 366: 1008-1012.

December 2019 : Correcting a protein network that regulates proteostasis reverses deficits in a mouse model of Down syndrome. Zhu et al. (2019). Science 366: 843-849.

December 2019 : Scalable spider‐silk‐like super tough fibers using a pseudo protein polymer. Gu et al. (2019). Advanced Materials 31: 1904311.

November 2019 : Data storage in DNA with fewer synthesis cycles using composite DNA letters. Anavy et al. Nature Biotechnology 37:1229–1236.

November 2019 : A high-throughput method for amplication-free single-cell whole-genome sequencing can be scaled up to analyze tens of thousands of cells from different tissues and clinical sample types and identifies replication states, aneuploidies, and subclonal m

November 2019 : Rapid, large-volume, thermally controlled 3D printing using a mobile liquid interface. Walker et al. Science 366: 360-364.

November 2019 : Search-and-replace genome editing without double-strand breaks or donor DNA. Anzalone et al. Nature.

November 2019 : Measles virus infection diminishes preexisting antibodies that offer protection from other pathogens. Mina et al. Science 366: 599-606.

October 2019 : A CRISPR-mediated imaging approach, LiveFISH, enables real-time tracking of DNA and RNA in living cells. Wang et al. Science (2019). 365: 1301-1305.

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