Paper of the Year

January 2022 : Mitochondrial aspartate regulates TNF biogenesis and autoimmune tissue inflammation. Wu et al. (2021). Nature Immunology 22: 1551–1562.

January 2022 : Cholesterol-functionalized DNA/RNA heteroduplexes cross the blood–brain barrier and knock down genes in the rodent CNS. Nagata et al. (2021). Nature Biotechnology 39:1529–1536.

January 2022 : Combinations of slow-translating codon clusters can increase mRNA half-life in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Sharma et al. (2021). PNAS 118: e2026362118.

January 2022 : RNA demethylation increases the yield and biomass of rice and potato plants in field trials. Yu et al. (2021). Nature Biotechnology 39: 1581–1588.

December 2021 : Genetic and functional evidence links a missense variant in B4GALT1 to lower LDL and fibrinogen. Montasser et al. (2021). Science 374: 1221-1227.

December 2021 : Light-driven dynamic surface wrinkles for adaptive visible camouflage. Ma et al.(2021). PNAS 118 (48) e2114345118.

December 2021 : In-orbit demonstration of an iodine electric propulsion system. Rafalskyi et al. (2021) Nature 599: 411–415.

November 2021 : DNA binding to TLR9 expressed by red blood cells promotes innate immune activation and anemia. Lam et al. (2021) Science Translational Medicine 13: eabj1008.

November 2021 : Reconstitution of an intact clock reveals mechanisms of circadian timekeeping. Chavan et al. (2021). Science 374:eabd4453.

November 2021 : Lightweight, strong, moldable wood via cell wall engineering as a sustainable structural material. Xiao et al. (2021). Science 374:465-471.

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