Paper of the Year

April 2021 : Large-area display textiles integrated with functional systems. Shi et al. (2021). Nature 591: 240-245.

April 2021 : Blastocyst-like structures generated from human pluripotent stem cells. Yu et al. (2021). Nature 591: 620–626.

April 2021 : Modelling human blastocysts by reprogramming fibroblasts into iBlastoids. Liu et al. (2021). Nature 591: 627–632.

March 2021 : Efficient perovskite solar cells via improved carrier management. Yoo et al. Nature 590: 587–593.

March 2021 : Restoring metabolism of myeloid cells reverses cognitive decline in ageing. Minhas et al. (2021). Nature 590: 122–128.

March 2021 : A stable antimicrobial peptide with dual functions of treating and preventing citrus Huanglongbing. Huang et al. (2021). PNAS 118: e201962811.

February 2021 : Blue light and carvacrol synergistically promote broad-spectrum bactericide in multidrug-resistant murine burn and skin infections. Lu et al. (2021). Science Translational Medicine 13: eaba3571.

February 2021 : Inactivation of the histone acetyltransferase gene KAT7 prolongs survival in naturally aged mice and progeroid mice that age prematurely. Wang et al. (2021). Science Translational Medicine 13:eabd2655.

February 2021 : Robust direct digital-to-biological data storage in living cells. Yim et al. (2021). Nature Chemical Biology.

February 2021 : Inhibition of prostaglandin-degrading enzyme 15-PGDH rejuvenates aged muscle mass and strength. Palla et al. (2021). Science 371: eabc8059.

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