Paper of the Year

November 2020 : A probiotic yeast-based immunotherapy against Clostridioides difficile infection. Chen et al. (2020). Science Translational Medicine 12: (567), eaax4905.

November 2020 : Production of Tyrian purple indigoid dye from tryptophan in Escherichia coli. Lee et al. (2020). Nature Chemical Biology.

November 2020 : Control of long-distance motion of single molecules on a surface. Civita et al. (2020). Science 370: 957-960.

October 2020 : Inducible expression of a transcription factor causes spinal cord stem cells to generate oligodendrocytes that can promote remyelination. Llorens-Bobadilla et al. (2020). Science 370: eabb8795.

October 2020 : A high-performance solid-state electrocaloric cooling system. Wang et al. (2020). Science 370:129-133.

October 2020 : The maternal microbiome modulates fetal neurodevelopment in mice. Vuong et al. (2020). Nature 586: 281–286.

October 2020 : Mammalian lipid droplets are innate immune hubs integrating cell metabolism and host defense. Bosch et al. (2020). Science 370: eaay8085.

October 2020 : Metasurface-driven OLED displays beyond 10,000 pixels per inch. Joo et al. (2020). Science 370:459-463.

September 2020 : Tillandsia‐inspired hygroscopic photothermal organogels for efficient atmospheric water harvesting. Ni et al. (2020). Ang. Chemie.

September 2020 : A multidimensional precision medicine approach identifies an autism subtype characterized by dyslipidemia. Luo et al. (2020). Nature Medicine 26:1375–1379.

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