Paper of the Year

March 2019 : DNA that includes synthetic bases expands the genetic code from four to eight nucleotide letters. Hoshika et al. (2019). Science 363: 884-887.

March 2019 : Hyperacidification of Citrus fruits by a vacuolar proton-pumping P-ATPase complex. Strazzer et al. (2019). Nature Communications 10: 744.

March 2019 : Colouration by total internal reflection and interference at microscale concave interfaces. Goodling et al. (2019). Nature 566: 523-527.

March 2019 : CD19-targeted CAR T cells show sustained CD19+ B cell depletion and profound therapeutic benefit in ameliorating disease in mouse models of lupus. Kansal et al. (2019). Science Translational Medicine 11: eaav1648.

February 2019 : Volumetric additive manufacturing via tomographic reconstruction. Kelly et al. (2019). Science 363: 1075-1079.

February 2019 : A scalable spintronic device operating via spin–orbit transduction and magnetoelectric switching and using advanced quantum materials shows non-volatility and improved performance and energy efficiency compared with CMOS devices. Manipatruni et al.

February 2019 : Impaired immune surveillance accelerates accumulation of senescent cells and aging. Ovadya et al. (2018). Nature Communications 9: 5435.

February 2019 : Identifying facial phenotypes of genetic disorders using deep learning. Gurovich et al. (2019). Nature Medicine 25:60–64.

February 2019 : Introns are mediators of cell response to starvation. Parenteau et al. (2019). Nature 565: 612–617.

January 2019 : Systematic discovery of natural CRISPR-Cas12a inhibitors. Watters KE et al. (2018). Science 362: 236-239.

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