86 Dendritic cell–derived hepcidin sequesters iron from the microbiota to promote mucosal healing.

85 Family History of Gastric Cancer and Helicobacter pylori Treatment.

84 Excess calorie intake early in life increases susceptibility to colitis in adulthood.

83 Mucosal Profiling of Pediatric-Onset Colitis and IBD Reveals Common Pathogenics and Therapeutic Pathways.

82 Light-entrained and brain-tuned circadian circuits regulate ILC3s and gut homeostasis.

81 Ustekinumab as Induction and Maintenance Therapy for Ulcerative Colitis.

80 Noncoding deletions reveal a gene that is critical for intestinal function.

79 Gfra1 Underexpression Causes Hirschsprung’s Disease and Associated Enterocolitis in Mice.

78 Temperature-responsive biometamaterials for gastrointestinal applications.

77 Malassezia Is Associated with Crohn’s Disease and Exacerbates Colitis in Mouse Models.

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