73 Murine colitis reveals a disease-associated bacteriophage community.

72 Post-Antibiotic Gut Mucosal Microbiome Reconstitution Is Impaired by Probiotics and Improved by Autologous FMT.

71 Heme ameliorates dextran sodium sulfate-induced colitis through providing intestinal macrophages with noninflammatory profiles.

70 LKB1 deficiency in T cells promotes the development of gastrointestinal polyposis.

69 A common antimicrobial additive increases colonic inflammation and colitis-associated colon tumorigenesis in mice.

68 An ingestible bacterial-electronic system to monitor gastrointestinal health.

67 Hyperglycemia drives intestinal barrier dysfunction and risk for enteric infection.

66 C1orf106 is a colitis risk gene that regulates stability of epithelial adherens junctions.

65 Integrated in vivo multiomics analysis identifies p21-activated kinase signaling as a driver of colitis.

64 Targeting of p53- and PUMA-dependent apoptosis protects intestinal stem cells, but not cancer cells, against chemotherapy.

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