Forensic Science

30 Maximum flight velocity of blood drops in analysing blood traces.

29 Mineralization of mandibular third molars can estimate chronological age—Brazilian indices.

28 A study of the evaporation of a solvent from a solution—Application to writing ink aging.

27 Real-time PCR detection and quantification of elephantid DNA: Species identification for highly processed samples associated with the ivory trade.

26 Fundamental studies of bloodstain formation and characteristics.

25 Raman spectroscopy and laser desorption mass spectrometry for minimal destructive forensic analysis of black and color inkjet printed documents.

24 Detection of fingermarks by colloidal gold (MMD/SMD) – beyond the pH 3 limit.

23 Chemical enhancement of soil based footwear impressions on fabric.

22 Single amino acid radiocarbon dating of Upper Paleolithic modern humans.

21 Determination of hydrogen peroxide concentration using a handheld Raman spectrometer: Detection of an explosives precursor.

20 Blow flies (Diptera: Calliphoridae) survive burial: Evidence of ascending vertical dispersal.

19 Diacetylene copolymers for fingermark development.

18 Gold-plating of Mylar lift films to capitalize on surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy for chemical extraction of drug residues.

17 Mapping the lateral extent of human cadaver decomposition with soil chemistry.

16 A new methodology for detection of counterfeit Viagra® and Cialis® tablets by image processing and statistical analysis.

15 Forensic quest for age determination of bloodstains.

14 Watch for Those Fragments of Evidence: The Use of an Automatic Timepiece to Help Correlate a Helicopter Crash Site from the Vietnam War.

13 A Proposed Dissection Procedure for Vertebral Arteries in Forensic Pathology.

12 Tracking Plant, Fungal, and Bacterial DNA in Honey Specimens.

11 The Use of a 3-D Laser Scanner to Document Ephemeral Evidence at Crime Scenes and Postmortem Examinations.

10 Rapid In Situ Repeatable Analysis of Drugs in Powder Form Using Reflectance Near-Infrared Spectroscopy and Multivariate Calibration.

9 Bayesian Adaptive Approach to Estimating Sample Sizes for Seizures of Illicit Drugs.

8 Comparing the Effects of Weathering and Microbial Degradation on Gasoline Using Principal Components Analysis.

7 Determination of Sex from Juvenile Crania by Means of Discriminant Function Analysis.

6 Differential Decomposition Patterns in Charred Versus Un-Charred Remains.

5 A Method for Defleshing Human Remains Using Household Bleach.

4 Child Abduction Murder: The Impact of Forensic Evidence on Solvability.

3 An Accuracy Assessment of Forensic Computerized Facial Reconstruction Employing Cone-Beam Computed Tomography from Live Subjects.

2 Current Practices by Forensic Anthropologists in Adult Skeletal Age Estimation.

1 Differentiating Fragmented Human and Nonhuman Long Bone Using Osteon Circularity.

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