234 PPARγ agonist pioglitazone reverses pulmonary hypertension and prevents right heart failure via fatty acid oxidation.

233 Ablation of the stress protease OMA1 protects against heart failure in mice.

232 Brain-released alarmins and stress response synergize in accelerating atherosclerosis progression after stroke.

231 Rivaroxaban with or without aspirin in patients with stable coronary artery disease: an international, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.

230 A sirolimus-eluting bioabsorbable polymer-coated stent (MiStent) versus an everolimus-eluting durable polymer stent (Xience) after percutaneous coronary intervention (DESSOLVE III): a randomised, single-blind, multicentre, non-inferiority, phase 3 trial.

229 Inhalation of peptide-loaded nanoparticles improves heart failure.

228 Growth hormone-releasing hormone attenuates cardiac hypertrophy and improves heart function in pressure overload-induced heart failure.

227 Heart Repair Using Nanogel-Encapsulated Human Cardiac Stem Cells in Mice and Pigs with Myocardial Infarction.

226 Hyperlipidemia-induced cholesterol crystal production by endothelial cells promotes atherogenesis.

225 A multifaceted intervention to improve treatment with oral anticoagulants in atrial fibrillation.

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