206 BET bromodomain inhibition suppresses innate inflammatory and profibrotic transcriptional networks in heart failure.

205 Evolocumab and Clinical Outcomes in Patients with Cardiovascular Disease.

204 Inclisiran in Patients at High Cardiovascular Risk with Elevated LDL Cholesterol.

203 Lipid-Reduction Variability and Antidrug-Antibody Formation with Bococizumab.

202 Cardiovascular Efficacy and Safety of Bococizumab in High-Risk Patients.

201 Neutrophil stunning by metoprolol reduces infarct size.

200 Prevention of Hereditary Angioedema Attacks with a Subcutaneous C1 Inhibitor.

199 A Fully Magnetically Levitated Circulatory Pump for Advanced Heart Failure.

198 Intrapericardial Left Ventricular Assist Device for Advanced Heart Failure.

197 Multimodal laser-based angioscopy for structural, chemical and biological imaging of atherosclerosis.

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