45 A primordial origin for the compositional similarity between the Earth and the Moon.

44 Probing failure susceptibilities of earthquake faults using small-quake tidal correlations.

43 The terrestrial uranium isotope cycle.

42 The main phase of the Deccan Traps eruption began 250,000 years before the end-Cretaceous extinction and lasted 750,000 years.

41 -ray analysis identifies magnesium silicate perovskite, now known as bridgmanite, in a heavily shocked meteorite.

40 Eruption of a deep-sea mud volcano triggers rapid sediment movement.

39 Ambient noise tomography images the magma distribution of a large volcanic reservoir under the Toba caldera.

38 Ongoing drought-induced uplift in the western United States.

37 Spreading continents kick-started plate tectonics.

36 Earthquakes trigger the loss of groundwater biodiversity.

35 Sliding Rocks on Racetrack Playa, Death Valley National Park: First Observation of Rocks in Motion.

34 The age distributions of zircons (found in magmatic rocks) enable magma fluxes in the Earth’s crust to be calculated, providing insight into geological processes such as ore deposit formation and volcanic eruptions.

33 Pathway from subducting slab to surface for melt and fluids beneath Mount Rainier.

32 Possible control of subduction zone slow-earthquake periodicity by silica enrichment.

31 Uplift and seismicity driven by groundwater depletion in central California.

30 Lithospheric damage, combined with transient mantle flow and migrating proto-subduction, is proposed to explain the apparent emergence of plate tectonics three billion years ago; modelling confirms that tectonic plate boundaries and fully formed tectonic plates can arise under conditions characteristic of Earth but not of Venus.

29 Fossil pollen records indicate that Patagonian desertification was not solely a consequence of Andean uplift.

28 Radiographic visualization of magma dynamics in an erupting volcano.

27 We lack thermal histories for magma reservoirs, but here the magma under Mount Hood (Oregon, USA) is shown to have been too cold to mobilize for most of the time it has been stored, which implies that magma mobilizes (at which point it can be imaged geophysically) very quickly prior to eruption.

26 Gas injection may have triggered earthquakes in the Cogdell oil field, Texas.


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