Software Engineering (Computer Software)

41 Facial Expression Recognition Using Facial Movement Features.

40 Facial Expression Recognition in the Encrypted Domain Based on Local Fisher Discriminant Analysis.

39 Technologies to Support Collaboration across Time Zones.

38 Scanning 3D Full Human Bodies Using Kinects.

37 Design and Evaluation of MagnetViz—A Graph Visualization Tool.

36 Human Motion Retrieval from Hand-Drawn Sketch.

35 Transforming GIS Data into Functional Road Models for Large-Scale Traffic Simulation.

34 Game-powered machine learning.

33 Data embedding using pixel value differencing and diamond encoding with multiple-base notational system.

32 A graphical-based password keystroke dynamic authentication system for touch screen handheld mobile devices.

31 Efficient audit service outsourcing for data integrity in clouds.

30 Sharetouch: A system to enrich social network experiences for the elderly.

29 Strongly secure certificateless short signatures.

28 GenProg: A Generic Method for Automatic Software Repair.

27 Temporal and Spatial Independent Component Analysis for fMRI Data Sets Embedded in the AnalyzeFMRI R Package.

26 TractoR: Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Tractography with R.

25 Amelia II: A Program for Missing Data.

24 A Multi-Language Computing Environment for Literate Programming and Reproducible Research.

23 Enterprise architecture patterns for business process support analysis.

22 A multi-purpose digital image watermarking using fractal block coding.

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