Software Engineering (Computer Software)

38 Scanning 3D Full Human Bodies Using Kinects.

37 Design and Evaluation of MagnetViz—A Graph Visualization Tool.

36 Human Motion Retrieval from Hand-Drawn Sketch.

35 Transforming GIS Data into Functional Road Models for Large-Scale Traffic Simulation.

34 Game-powered machine learning.

33 Data embedding using pixel value differencing and diamond encoding with multiple-base notational system.

32 A graphical-based password keystroke dynamic authentication system for touch screen handheld mobile devices.

31 Efficient audit service outsourcing for data integrity in clouds.

30 Sharetouch: A system to enrich social network experiences for the elderly.

29 Strongly secure certificateless short signatures.

28 GenProg: A Generic Method for Automatic Software Repair.

27 Temporal and Spatial Independent Component Analysis for fMRI Data Sets Embedded in the AnalyzeFMRI R Package.

26 TractoR: Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Tractography with R.

25 Amelia II: A Program for Missing Data.

24 A Multi-Language Computing Environment for Literate Programming and Reproducible Research.

23 Enterprise architecture patterns for business process support analysis.

22 A multi-purpose digital image watermarking using fractal block coding.

21 Improving security of q-SDH based digital signatures.

20 Exploiting social networks to provide privacy in personalized web search.

19 An efficient CRT-RSA algorithm secure against power and fault attacks.

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