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Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

41 Electric recycling of Portland cement at scale

40 Advanced materials engineering in historical gypsum plaster formulations.

39 Multilayered optofluidics for sustainable buildings.

38 Hot mixing: Mechanistic insights into the durability of ancient Roman concrete.

37 Temperature-adaptive radiative coating for all-season household thermal regulation.

36 Tungsten-doped vanadium dioxide allows fabrications of windows that might be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

35 Liquid Thermo-Responsive Smart Window Derived from Hydrogel.

34 Transparent Zinc‐Mesh Electrodes for Solar‐Charging Electrochromic Windows.

33 Colored and paintable bilayer coatings with high solar-infrared reflectance for efficient cooling.

32 Influence of single-nanoparticle electrochromic dynamics on the durability and speed of smart windows.

31 A radiative cooling structural material.

30 Mass Production of Nanowire-Nylon Flexible Transparent Smart Windows for PM2.5 Capture.

29 Hybrid dynamic windows using reversible metal electrodeposition and ion insertion.

28 Fine-tuned gel particles enable smart windows for energy efficiency.

27 Inspired by the enhanced mechanical strength of microstructured metals, damage-tolerant architected materials are developed in which the internal structure is granular, with different regions having different lattice orientations.

26 Processing bulk natural wood into a high-performance structural material.

25 Dynamic Windows with Neutral Color, High Contrast, and Excellent Durability Using Reversible Metal Electrodeposition.

24 Phillipsite and Al-tobermorite mineral cements produced through low-temperature water-rock reactions in Roman marine concrete.

23 Mechanical resilience and cementitious processes in Imperial Roman architectural mortar.

22 The importance of urban gardens in supporting children's biophilia.

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