Civil Engineering

26 Processing bulk natural wood into a high-performance structural material.

25 Dynamic Windows with Neutral Color, High Contrast, and Excellent Durability Using Reversible Metal Electrodeposition.

24 Phillipsite and Al-tobermorite mineral cements produced through low-temperature water-rock reactions in Roman marine concrete.

23 Mechanical resilience and cementitious processes in Imperial Roman architectural mortar.

22 The importance of urban gardens in supporting children's biophilia.

21 A Robust Smart Window: Reversibly Switching from High Transparency to Angle-Independent Structural Color Display.

20 Freeze-casting cellulose nanofibres, graphene oxide and clay results in insulating and fire-resistant foams that could improve the energy efficiency of buildings.

19 Mechanical resilience and cementitious processes in Imperial Roman architectural mortar.

18 A bi-functional device for self-powered electrochromic window and self-rechargeable transparent battery applications.

17 A global strategy for road building.

16 A Vertically Integrated Solar-Powered Electrochromic Window for Energy Efficient Buildings.

15 How congestion shapes cities: from mobility patterns to scaling.

14 Concert halls with strong lateral reflections enhance musical dynamics.

13 Alcohol Dispersions of Calcium Hydroxide Nanoparticles for Stone Conservation.

12 Acoustic echoes reveal room shape.

11 Cities of all sizes can be modeled as interdependent networks of interactions and infrastructure.

10 Synthesis and performance of a modified polycarboxylate dispersant for concrete possessing enhanced cement compatibility.

9 Thermoresponsive Polymer Induced Sweating Surfaces as an Efficient Way to Passively Cool Buildings.

8 Use of sand coating to improve bonding between GFRP bars and concrete.

7 Flexural Behavior of CFRP Precast Prestressed Decked Bulb T-Beams.

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