407 Biaxially strained PtPb/Pt core/shell nanoplate boosts oxygen reduction catalysis.

406 High-throughput computational design of cathode coatings for Li-ion batteries.

405 Hetero-type dual photoanodes for unbiased solar water splitting with extended light harvesting.

404 A mixed tin-lead perovskite material with a narrow band gap enables efficient tandem solar cells.

403 Solar water splitting by photovoltaic-electrolysis with a solar-to-hydrogen efficiency over 30%.

402 Formation of Ni–Co–MoS2 Nanoboxes with Enhanced Electrocatalytic Activity for Hydrogen Evolution.

401 Atomic-Sized Pores Enhanced Electrocatalysis of TaS2 Nanosheets for Hydrogen Evolution.

400 Anode-Engineered Protonic Ceramic Fuel Cell with Excellent Performance and Fuel Compatibility.

399 Single-catalyst high-weight% hydrogen storage in an N-heterocycle synthesized from lignin hydrogenolysis products and ammonia.

398 A sulfur host based on titanium monoxide@carbon hollow spheres for advanced lithium–sulfur batteries.

397 In-depth analysis of chloride treatments for thin-film CdTe solar cells.

396 Sub-10-nm Co3O4 nanoparticles/graphene composites as high-performance anodes for lithium storage.

395 Ultrasmall and phase-pure W2C nanoparticles for efficient electrocatalytic and photoelectrochemical hydrogen evolution.

394 Heme biomolecule as redox mediator and oxygen shuttle for efficient charging of lithium-oxygen batteries.

393 Incorporation of rubidium cations into perovskite solar cells improves photovoltaic performance.

392 Improving efficiency and stability of perovskite solar cells with photocurable fluoropolymers.

391 Methane production from coal by a single methanogen.

390 Quantum dot–induced phase stabilization of α-CsPbI3 perovskite for high-efficiency photovoltaics.

389 Multidimensional materials and device architectures for future hybrid energy storage.

388 Room temperature stable COx-free H2 production from methanol with magnesium oxide nanophotocatalysts.

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