15  Loss of esophageal SPINK7 unleashes protease activity, impairs barrier function, and induces proinflammatory responses.

14  A knock-in mutation in beclin 1 that increases autophagy in mice extends animal lifespan, improves healthspan, and also rescues early lethality in mice deficient in the anti-ageing protein klotho.

13  Xenoprotein engineering via synthetic libraries.

12  Activity-dependent neuroprotective protein recruits HP1 and CHD4 to control lineage-specifying genes.

11  The histone demethylase KDM6B regulates temperature-dependent sex determination in a turtle species.

10  A system that combines nanoscale synthesis and affinity ranking enables high-throughput screening of reaction conditions and bioactivity for a given protein target, accelerating the process of drug discovery.

9  Mosquito-Derived Anophelin Sulfoproteins Are Potent Antithrombotics.

8  A bound reaction intermediate sheds light on the mechanism of nitrogenase.

7  Structure of the nucleotide exchange factor eIF2B reveals mechanism of memory-enhancing molecule.

6  Light-activated protein interaction with high spatial subcellular confinement.

5  Optically functional isoxanthopterin crystals in the mirrored eyes of decapod crustaceans.

4  The mechanism by which mitochondrial outer membrane proteins are inserted is elucidated.

3  Phase separation of a yeast prion protein promotes cellular fitness.

2  A Method for the Acute and Rapid Degradation of Endogenous Proteins.

1  C-reactive protein promotes bone destruction in human myeloma through the CD32–p38 MAPK–Twist axis.

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