Plant Science


514  The Tea Tree Genome Provides Insights into Tea Flavor and Independent Evolution of Caffeine Biosynthesis.

513  Plants transfer lipids to sustain colonization by mutualistic mycorrhizal and parasitic fungi.

512  Fatty acids in arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi are synthesized by the host plant.

511  In both laboratory and field studies, engineering translational control of immune mediator production in Arabidopsis and rice confers disease resistance, without compromising plant fitness.

510  Precise base editing in rice, wheat and maize with a Cas9-cytidine deaminase fusion.

509  Short tandem target mimic rice lines uncover functions of miRNAs in regulating important agronomic traits.

508  A chromosome conformation capture ordered sequence of the barley genome.

507  Aflatoxin-free transgenic maize using host-induced gene silencing.

506  Root microbiota drive direct integration of phosphate stress and immunity.

505  Simplified and representative bacterial community of maize roots.

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