147  Filaggrin inhibits generation of CD1a neolipid antigens by house dust mite–derived phospholipase.

146  High-Throughput Assay and Discovery of Small Molecules that Interrupt Malaria Transmission.

145  Genome assembly and geospatial phylogenomics of the bed bug Cimex lectularius.

144  Unique features of a global human ectoparasite identified through sequencing of the bed bug genome.

143  A vacuolar iron-transporter homologue acts as a detoxifier in Plasmodium.

142  Development of a CRISPR/Cas9-based gene drive system in Anopheles gambiae, the main vector for the malaria parasite, paves the way for control of this pest insect.

141  Genome of Rhodnius prolixus, an insect vector of Chagas disease, reveals unique adaptations to hematophagy and parasite infection.

140  Malaria parasites target the hepatocyte receptor EphA2 for successful host infection.

139  Roundworm and hookworm infections are associated with contrasting effects on human reproduction.

138  Malaria Sporozoites Traverse Host Cells within Transient Vacuoles.

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