Nutrition & Metabolism


332  Gut bacteria selectively promoted by dietary fibers alleviate type 2 diabetes.

331  De novo adipocyte differentiation from Pdgfrβ+ preadipocytes protects against pathologic visceral adipose expansion in obesity.

330  The mediating role of sleep in the fish consumption – cognitive functioning relationship: a cohort study.

329  Dietary Restriction and AMPK Increase Lifespan via Mitochondrial Network and Peroxisome Remodeling.

328  Synthetic “smart gel” provides glucose-responsive insulin delivery in diabetic mice.

327  Large-scale proteomics identifies MMP-7 as a sentinel of epithelial injury and of biliary atresia.

326  A role for bacterial urease in gut dysbiosis and Crohn’s disease.

325  Sympathetic neuron–associated macrophages contribute to obesity by importing and metabolizing norepinephrine.

324  Transcription factor ISX mediates the cross talk between diet and immunity.

323  Small-molecule inhibitors directly target CARD9 and mimic its protective variant in inflammatory bowel disease.

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