1640  Single-dose ethanol intoxication causes acute and lasting neuronal changes in the brain.

1639  The Parkinson’s disease protein alpha-synuclein is a modulator of processing bodies and mRNA stability.

1638  mGluR5 modulation rescues synaptic and transcriptomic alterations in experimental models of Alzheimer’s disease.

1637  A molecular mechanism involving CCR5 and CCL5 determines the temporal window in which a memory can be linked with subsequent memories, and in aged mice an increase in CCR5 is associated with defects in memory linking.

1636  Neuropathic pain caused by miswiring and abnormal end organ targeting.

1635  Neuron–CD8 T cell interactions fuel aging-associated reductions in neuronal regeneration after injury.

1634  Young CSF restores oligodendrogenesis and memory in aged mice via Fgf17.

1633  Somatic genomic changes in single Alzheimer’s disease neurons.

1632  A high-affinity cocaine binding site associated with the brain acid soluble protein 1.

1631  Hypothalamic deep brain stimulation as a strategy to manage anxiety disorders.

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