1265  In mice, the neuronal membrane trafficking protein synaptotagmin-3 is involved in learning processes that require forgetting.

1264  An additional primary visual cortex that is capable of motion discrimination is identified in mammalian brains.

1263  Peripheral nerve transfers change target muscle structure and function.

1262  In mice, the ablation of spinal neurons that co-express TAC1 and LBX1 leads to the loss of coping responses to sustained pain without affecting reflexive defensive reactions to external threats.

1261  Multilayer network switching rate predicts brain performance.

1260  Cofactors are essential constituents of stable and seeding-active tau fibrils

1259  The microRNA miR-7a-5p ameliorates ischemic brain damage by repressing α-synuclein.

1258  Neuroinflammatory signals drive spinal curve formation in zebrafish models of idiopathic scoliosis.

1257  Genome-wide de novo risk score implicates promoter variation in autism spectrum disorder.

1256  Neuron-specific signatures in the chromosomal connectome associated with schizophrenia risk.

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