1177  A midline thalamic circuit determines reactions to visual threat.

1176  In mouse models of Parkinson’s disease and dyskinesia, striatal spiny projection neurons of the direct and indirect pathways have abnormal, imbalanced levels of spontaneous and locomotor-related activity, with the two different disease states characterized by opposite abnormalities.

1175  Arginine vasopressin in cerebrospinal fluid is a marker of sociality in nonhuman primates.

1174  Interregional synaptic maps among engram cells underlie memory formation.

1173  Functional circuit architecture underlying parental behaviour.

1172  Innate immune memory in the brain shapes neurological disease hallmarks.

1171  An Implantable Peripheral Nerve Recording and Stimulation System for Experiments on Freely Moving Animal Subjects.

1170  Single-cell profiling of the developing mouse brain and spinal cord with split-pool barcoding.

1169  Nociceptor sensory neurons suppress innate immunity during bacterial lung infection.

1168  Gain of toxic apolipoprotein E4 effects in human iPSC-derived neurons is ameliorated by a small-molecule structure corrector.

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