1133  Targeted knockout of a chemokine-like gene increases anxiety and fear responses.

1132  Flexibility of thought in high creative individuals represented by percolation analysis.

1131  Robust prediction of individual creative ability from brain functional connectivity.

1130  Female sexual behavior in mice is controlled by kisspeptin neurons.

1129  A carbon nanotube tape for serial-section electron microscopy of brain ultrastructure.

1128  Microbiome Influences Prenatal and Adult Microglia in a Sex-Specific Manner.

1127  Stereochemistry and amyloid inhibition: Asymmetric triplex metallohelices enantioselectively bind to Aβ peptide.

1126  Impaired DNA damage response signaling by FUS-NLS mutations leads to neurodegeneration and FUS aggregate formation.

1125  A mouse model of autism implicates endosome pH in the regulation of presynaptic calcium entry.

1124  Migration-based selections of antibodies that convert bone marrow into trafficking microglia-like cells that reduce brain amyloid β.

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