1050  A sleep-inducing gene, nemuri, links sleep and immune function in Drosophila.

1049  Structural basis of a potent human monoclonal antibody against Zika virus targeting a quaternary epitope.

1048  A consortium of 11 bacterial strains from the healthy human gut microbiota can strongly induce interferon-γ-producing CD8 T cells in the intestine, and enhance both resistance to bacterial infection and the therapeutic efficacy of immune checkpoint inhibitors.

1047  A vaccine platform has been developed from a polymeric glyco-adjuvant conjugated to an antigen, and is now shown to target dendritic cells via mannose-binding receptors and generate potent cellular and humoral immune response against malaria.

1046  A defined commensal consortium elicits CD8 T cells and anti-cancer immunity.

1045  Unappreciated myeloid subsets in several central nervous system compartments are comprehensively characterized.

1044  IL-13 secreted by ILC2s promotes the self-renewal of intestinal stem cells through circular RNA circPan3.

1043  Blocking IL-1β reverses the immunosuppression in mouse breast cancer and synergizes with anti–PD-1 for tumor abrogation.

1042  Inhibition of chemotherapy resistant breast cancer stem cells by a ROR1 specific antibody.

1041  Transfer of strain-specific antibodies after bone marrow transplant prevents cytomelagovirus reactivation in the recipient.

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