949  The Fas/Fap-1/Cav-1 complex regulates IL-1RA secretion in mesenchymal stem cells to accelerate wound healing.

948  Transcription factor Hoxb5 reprograms B cells into functional T lymphocytes.

947  Quiescent Tissue Stem Cells Evade Immune Surveillance.

946  Infants Infected with Respiratory Syncytial Virus Generate Potent Neutralizing Antibodies that Lack Somatic Hypermutation.

945  Translocation of a gut pathobiont drives autoimmunity in mice and humans.

944  Type I interferons instigate fetal demise after Zika virus infection.

943  Integrated in vivo multiomics analysis identifies p21-activated kinase signaling as a driver of colitis.

942  Engineered cytokines are able to improve immunotherapy in mouse tumor models.

941  γδ T cells provide the early source of IFN-γ to aggravate lesions in spinal cord injury.

940  Transgelin-2 as a therapeutic target for asthmatic pulmonary resistance.

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