1015  Structure-based design of a quadrivalent fusion glycoprotein vaccine for human parainfluenza virus types 1–4.

1014  Themis-associated phosphatase activity controls signaling in T cell development.

1013  Phospholipid flippases enable precursor B cells to flee engulfment by macrophages.

1012  The metabolite BH4 controls T cell proliferation in autoimmunity and cancer.

1011  Small-molecule inhibitor of OGG1 suppresses proinflammatory gene expression and inflammation.

1010  Dendritic cells relay allergens to mast cells.

1009  WDFY4 is required for cross-presentation in response to viral and tumor antigens.

1008  Gene expression variability across cells and species shapes innate immunity.

1007  Llama nanobodies can be used to generate comprehensive and long-lasting flu protection.

1006  Antibiotics induce sustained dysregulation of intestinal T cell immunity by perturbing macrophage homeostasis.

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