422  High-throughput Raman flow cytometry is developed to rapidly probe molecular fingerprints of numerous cells without labels.

421  Spatial control of in vivo CRISPR–Cas9 genome editing via nanomagnets.

420  Engineering the protein secretory pathway of Saccharomyces cerevisiae enables improved protein production.

419  An integrative computational approach leverages data from model systems and human genome-wide studies to predict genes that have a functional role in disease.

418  Harnessing the Noncovalent Interactions of DNA Backbone with 2D Silicate Nanodisks To Fabricate Injectable Therapeutic Hydrogels.

417  Enhanced detection of circulating tumor DNA by fragment size analysis.

416  Asymmetric Membrane for Digital Detection of Single Bacteria in Milliliters of Complex Water Samples.

415  Single-molecule DNA-mapping and whole-genome sequencing of individual cells.

414  On-demand manufacturing of clinical-quality biopharmaceuticals.

413  Gene editing restores dystrophin expression in a canine model of Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

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