216  Cells directly produce acetate from pyruvate through two distinct mechanisms, thus providing support for acetyl-CoA pools during times of metabolic deficiency.

215  Arginine deficiency is involved in thrombocytopenia and immunosuppression in severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome.

214  Reprogramming Yeast Metabolism from Alcoholic Fermentation to Lipogenesis.

213  Urea Cycle Dysregulation Generates Clinically Relevant Genomic and Biochemical Signatures.

212  A high-throughput screen of real-time ATP levels in individual cells reveals mechanisms of energy failure.

211  Ionic liquids for oral insulin delivery.

210  Aldehydes are the predominant forces inducing DNA damage and inhibiting DNA repair in tobacco smoke carcinogenesis.

209  A LIMA1 variant promotes low plasma LDL cholesterol and decreases intestinal cholesterol absorption.

208  Catalytic amino acid production from biomass-derived intermediates.

207  Quantitative mass imaging of single biological macromolecules.

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