201  Viral insulin-like peptides activate human insulin and IGF-1 receptor signaling: A paradigm shift for host–microbe interactions.

200  Natural noncanonical protein splicing yields products with diverse β-amino acid residues.

199  Reversibility of citrate synthase allows autotrophic growth of a thermophilic bacterium.

198  Distinct roles of N- and O-glycans in cellulase activity and stability.

197  Heterochiral peptide macrocycles have been designed de novo with high accuracy.

196  Enzyme-free nucleic acid dynamical systems.

195  Abiotic production of sugar phosphates and uridine ribonucleoside in aqueous microdroplets.

194  Self-association of a highly charged arginine-rich cell-penetrating peptide.

193  Unique amalgamation of primary and secondary structural elements transform peptaibols into potent bioactive cell-penetrating peptides.

192  Massively parallel de novo protein design for targeted therapeutics.

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