173  The C. elegans Taste Receptor Homolog LITE-1 Is a Photoreceptor.

172  De novo design of a biologically active amyloid.

171  A circulating lectin secreted by macrophages in obese individuals drives insulin resistance and glucose intolerance by directly binding the insulin receptor and antagonizing downstream metabolic responses.

170  Peptide tessellation yields micrometre-scale collagen triple helices.

169  An artificial metalloenzyme with the kinetics of native enzymes.

168  Directed evolution of artificial metalloenzymes for in vivo metathesis.

167  Prevention of atherosclerosis by bioactive palmitoleate through suppression of organelle stress and inflammasome activation.

166  A blue-light photoreceptor mediates the feedback regulation of photosynthesis.

165  An efficient chemical route is reported to a plant-derived compound of interest in biochemical calcium regulation.

164  Asprosin, a Fasting-Induced Glucogenic Protein Hormone.

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