88  Mutually beneficial pollinator diversity and crop yield outcomes in small and large farms.

87  Neonicotinoid pesticide exposure impairs crop pollination services provided by bumblebees.

86  Opinion: To feed the world in 2050 will require a global revolution.

85  Global biomass production potentials exceed expected future demand without the need for cropland expansion.

84  Contribution of insect pollinators to crop yield and quality varies with agricultural intensification.

83  Asymptomatic spread of huanglongbing and implications for disease control.

82  TALE nickase-mediated SP110 knockin endows cattle with increased resistance to tuberculosis.

81  A Meta-Analysis of the Impacts of Genetically Modified Crops.

80  The fingerprint of climate trends on European crop yields.

79  Climate variation explains a third of global crop yield variability.

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