94  Satellite-based assessment of yield variation and its determinants in smallholder African systems.

93  Livestock vaccinations translate into increased human capital and school attendance by girls.

92  Simulating US agriculture in a modern Dust Bowl drought.

91  A selective insecticidal protein from Pseudomonas for controlling corn rootworms.

90  Closing yield gaps in China by empowering smallholder farmers.

89  Changes in genetic selection differentials and generation intervals in US Holstein dairy cattle as a result of genomic selection.

88  Mutually beneficial pollinator diversity and crop yield outcomes in small and large farms.

87  Neonicotinoid pesticide exposure impairs crop pollination services provided by bumblebees.

86  Opinion: To feed the world in 2050 will require a global revolution.

85  Global biomass production potentials exceed expected future demand without the need for cropland expansion.

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